Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We'll never know.

The Mercer Hotel corporate policy dictates they can't divulge the name of the cleaning products they use to keep their tiles and grout so Hollywood white. I understand. Every industry has their trade secrets. And, as I've been saying, clean is an advantage. In addition to their enviable whites, this walk-in-shower that you could go for a jog in didn't smell. My sense of smell is so acute I could be a member of a police canine unit. When you check into a hotel I recommend you smell it in addition to conducting a visual inspection. This doesn't mean you have to get down on all fours unless of course that's your thing. A moldy odor in a shower is usually an indication of a clogged drain with hair being the culprit. Other people's hair. And likely lots of it. If I encounter unpleasant smells in a hotel or anywhere for that matter, I high tail it. Hit.


  1. Ah someone else with a well developed olfactory system. A primitive trait well worth keeping, not for the pleasantness of smelling cinnamon but for usefulness of detecting cleanliness. Perhaps one day we'll square off in a smelling contest.

  2. A bad drain is worse than someone with gas, a drain is usually incurable, unless drowned with toxic non eco-friendly chemicals.