Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I fight the flu.

Instead of opting for a flu shot, I increase my Kale Shake intake by one, continue to avoid unprotected interaction with doorknobs and hold my breath for two months.

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  1. It is currently flu season and I have to admit, I am freakishly cleaner than my usual. So many people I know have had the stomach virus of the day. I avoid people as much as possible because of this. Just yesterday though as it was New Year's Eve, my husband and I were invited to our friends' for a poker tournament. For my husband's sake I decided to go out, however I armed myself with my cooler of personal ice for my drinks and ask that people respect my space. I diligently wash my hands throughout an evening such as this and that is how I deal with it.

    Through the evening, I was made fun of and I was threatened with a sloppy kiss from my friend upon the strike of 12 into the new year. I told her," kiss me and my fist will end up in your face". She laughed in her drunkeness and eventually asked someone there to cough and spit on my poker chips when I was not there. I heard this from across the room and told her that was uncalled for and rude. She kept encouraging this and I finally raised my voice in extreme seriousness and said ,"don't do it, or you will regret it!" This woman's sister called me a bitch, said that I was rude and should apologize. I explained my point of view and again was called down and asked to apologize as I was invited into her home. I didn't think that an invitation to someone's home meant that I had to be disrespected and treated so poorly, if anyone deserved an apology, it was me.

    After the game was over, I went to talk with the host and try to absolve the situation, but to no avail. We are no longer friends. I am incredibly insulted and hurt by her actions, good luck dealing with your friends fellow germaphones and Happy New Year everyone!