Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Hygiene Hunt?

This is one question I am often asked. Followed up, at times, with, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I prefer to be proactive with my health. This includes a good diet, exercise, proper handwashing and not walking into traps set by others who are less hygiene focused. Think booger on doorknobs, feces on mobile phones and God-knows-what on gas pump handles. As soon as people hear of studies they freak out. Why not be constantly vigilant instead? And no, not in a freakish way. You can leave that to me. Boards of Health exist for a reason. According the Canadian Patient Safety Institute proper handwashing is key to infection control and avoidable deaths. Peace out. Just please don't try to shake my hand.

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  1. Oh I could not agree more regarding no hand shaking. I just can not imagine what is on people's hands. Hand washing is the single best thing you can do for your daily health. Lack of hand washing is the reason for the "FLU season.
    The last time I caught the Flu was August of 1993. I remember this because my daughter was an infant and how difficult it was to take care of her and myself being that sick. I just thought to myself never again do I want to go through that. I had already began obsessive hand washing, but must have slipped up a time or two. Remember this, hand washing is important, but drying your hands, even more so. Make certain you use an uncontaminated towel or better yet as Eva uses, paper towel, dispose of it and then, DO NOT touch the door handle on your way out! I practice this daily and without this, I could not manage a day with peace of mind. Thanks again Eva for campaigning through your blog, to spread the word on Hygiene.