Thursday, September 9, 2010

An odd garbage observation.

Truth be told, I have never noticed a weed problem in SoHo's New York. Perhaps I have not been invited to the right parties. I advocate pulling garden weeds by hand instead of using chemicals. Every time. Do it for our planet.

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  1. Did you know that early spring of last year, all the stores here were selling out all their round-up products as the chemicals are no longer legal here to use. Well, that is the original formula. Round-up now has a supposedly earth friendly blend. I bought one as my neighbors are keen on growing huge thistle plants and one managed to get a grip in the dirt behind out garage. This thing got so big that it was taller then me! Neglectful I know, but I used almost the whole thing of earth friendly round-up on it and it didn't even wilt a leaf. The stalk was so think, the hubby had to cut it down with an electric saw!

    -whoa, sorry went on a bit of a tangent there...ha ha