Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More of what I like.

Hardwood floors are perfect for individuals who suffer from allergies and Hygiene Hunters who are suspicious of carpets and what they may harbor. Confession. I, the Hygiene Hunter, will admit to being present when body lotion -- and no this is not a euphemism -- has inadvertently fallen onto a hotel carpet. And, I the Hygiene Hunter, have smooshed said body lotion into the carpet. No, not with my finger, my slippered foot. As my penance I knelt on the hardwood and marble floors in my room at the Connaught in London and prayed for Mr. Clean's forgiveness. Hit.


  1. There isn't anything much more fantastic than hardwood floors that I can think of. Especially when they have interesting layouts like the floor above. How were they able to get that one piece to bend like that?

    And I agree about the carpet. You never know when you'll slice your foot open on someone's misplaced toenail clippings.

  2. Whether the the floor is hardwood or carpet in a hotel, I never walk in barefoot or even socks. I always wear slippers.